Meet The Humans

Wondering who you’re woofing with at Dog Furiendly? Get behind the scene by meeting our pawesome team! 

Adele Pember

Founder of Dog Furiendly

“Hey there all you cool pups and pooches! I’m the founder of Dog Furiendly. It’s my role to make the magic happen, to help others and bring the fluffy vision to life.

I love helping others, and above all of this, I know how gut-wrenching it is to have a dog who fears being left at home alone. That is exactly the reason I started this tail-wagging venture. Aside from exploring with my furry duo Charlie and Minnie, I love doing anything creative! Especially getting the guitar out to have a sing-song.

If I could be any dog breed, I would be a floofy Corgi. Happy, with a larger than life personality and always eager to learn.”

James Pember

Chief Technology Officer

“Yo! Welcome to Dog Furiendly (AKA my baby). I oversee all the techy stuff, which means, yup you guessed it, I’m a total nerd. This website has been the other fur baby in my life from the moment we started Dog Furiendly. I love watching it grow and creating something other dog owners will enjoy and find useful

When I’m not gawping at my laptop to create magic, you’ll usually find me head-banging to music or enjoying a good film (bonus points if there’s a dog in it). I’m also partial to a good board game. 

If I could be any dog breed, I would definitely a Border Collie. Focused and organised… and I also like to think I’m quite intelligent.”

Lorren Francis

Digital Barketing Assistant

“Hi, Lorren and Loki here! We love working at Dog Furiendly. Where can you usually find us? Hanging out behind the scenes of Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. 

When I’m not busy geekin’ out on socials, you can find me bring a dog-momager for my 3 year old Dalmatian Loki. Since starting we now have around 50,000 followers @polka_dot_loki. 

If I could be any dog breed, I would totally be a Dalmatian, energetic, artisic, and a little… well a LOTTA crazy – which is ME!

What’s not to love about dogs, am I right? In life, I care about maybe three humans and about 300 dogs on the internet I’ve never met.”

John Parker

Full Stack Developer

“Hello there travelling canines. I’m John, part of the team working on the Dog Furiendly technical offerings such as the website and mobile apps. On a good day, I do typing and things get better. 

 From a technical perspective, I enjoy being able to improve existing systems and plan ahead for the future, but perhaps more importantly it’s great to work as a part of a team that’s all pulling in the same direction.

When I’m not being a developer, I enjoy writing, playing board games and making noises with a guitar. 

 If I could be any dog breed, I would be a wire-haired Dachshund, as I’m a bit beardy and sometimes have problems getting up the stairs.”

Meet The Doggos

We just had to shout about our competent, cuddly and cute canine employees.


Chief Canine Officer

Also known as: Sausage, Bear, Lord Charles. 

Humans: Adele and James

BBC’s ‘Barking Mad’ and ‘Countryfile’ under his collar Charlie is fast becoming the face of Dog Furiendly. He loves nothing more than being in the spotlight and he even knows how to perfectly balance a pair of sunnies on his nose like a seasoned pro.

When Charlie’s not busy exploring, he has a real passion for snoring. You can usually find him hanging out where all the treats are or sunbathing in the tiny patch of sun beaming through the house.

 If Charlie could be any human, he would probably be a Drag Queen, like Rupaul. He’s got that sashay down to a tee.


Chief Morale Officer

Also known as: Moo Moo, Little Lady, Cheeky Chops

Humans: Adele and James

Found in the back streets of Romania, Minnie certainly has a tail to tell. She loves nothing more than sharing her story as if she was on X-Factor and giving plenty of pep talks by grumbling and woofing during meetings. 

When she’s not busy being a cheerleader, you can usually find her chasing squirrels or playing hide and seek. She’s also a mega-fan of doggy Welsh Cakes (or Woof Cakes).

If Minnie could be any human she would probably be someone like Dolly Parton, turning her life experiences into heartfelt beautiful songs. She loves a good singalong.


Head of Mattress Evaluation

Also known as: Beefy

Human: John

Wilf has scooped Gold medals in many Lazy Dog Triathlons (eating, yawning, sleeping).

He takes the role of Mattress Evaluation very seriously, and even turns up to team meetings in his pyjamas.

When he’s not busy sleeping, you can find him enjoying walks, eating and staring at you malevolently until you give him your seat.

If Wilf could be any human he would probably be Sleeping Beauty – with the exception of the whole “prince” thing, it sounds like the ideal nap duration.


Head of Puplick Relations

Also known as: Boop

Human: John

Olive loves her position as Head of Puplick Relations. This works out pretty well for her because she’s never short of someone to give her a belly rub.

When she’s not busy booping everyone for a bit of fuss, she’s busy seeking more attention. Oh and needlessly barking at a high volume when you least expect it.

If Olive could be any human she would be [Insert contemporary self-absorbed star here] – because It’s All About Olive™.


Snack Manager

Also known as: Lokipokeie, Stinkasmells

Human: Lorren

Loki has lots of experience when it comes to eating snacks, in fact, Loki won Young Foodie of the Year at the Pawcademy Awards.

When he’s not busy raiding the snacks in the staffroom, Loki’s hobbies are to Eat> Sleep > Fart > Repeat. 

If Loki could be any human, he would be Chris Pratt. Hilarious, sweet, and loves food… not sure we could envision Chris Pratt pooping in the garden though.

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