Reassure Visitors

Before lockdown, travellers didn’t really give a second thought to the health and safety of visiting dog friendly places. Now, what they touch and who they interact with is at the top of their list of concerns (including the dog).

It’s critically important for you to build confidence for dog owners and set expectations for visitors around health, safety and cleanliness.

If you make them feel confident that their visit or stay will be as safe, clean and comfortable then you’ll be one step ahead from securing another customer.

Our goal has always been to give dog owners the confidence to visit dog friendly places. That now includes sharing all of the measures you’re taking to respond to the pandemic.

Safety Checklist

To help you get the woof out to your potential visitors, we’ve created a simple and effective checklist. These safety features are now available to select on your listing so you can share what you’re doing to make every guest’s stay safe. Features include:

Cleaning Safety

Important if you’re following Gov regulations around cleanliness. Offer any extras like hand sanitiser or wipes? Let them know you’re paying attention to small details.

Social Distancing

Let dog owners know you have contactless options, cashless payments, or any other ways to support social distancing measures.

Food Safety Measures

Changes supporting food safety measures. Takeaway options, alfresco dining, food hygiene regulations. They’ll be wagging their tails to come and have a bite.

How to Add Yours?

Visit Your Dashboard

Click your profile picture in the top right corner.

Click on Listings

This can be found in the bar on the left-hand side.

Click More

This can be found next to the listing you want to edit.

Click Edit Listing

Scroll to COVID Safety and tick the boxes applicable.


Communication is important and you want dog owners to know you’re a place they can trust. Let your visitors know you’ve updated your listing with this suggested messaging. You can also download the graphic to post alongside it.

Messaging for you to tweak and use:

We know that dog owners and travellers are concerned about cleanliness and safety at the moment. So our tails were wagging with excitement when we saw that it was just as important to Dog Furiendly.

They’re working with dog friendly businesses just like us to ensure you can feel confident, safe and protected while enjoying your adventures together.

Dog friendly places now have the opportunity to inform you of their hygiene, health and safety measures displayed on each of the listings.

Check out our safety features by visiting our listing [listing URL]:

Here are some of the features we’ve selected for our listing and why they’re important [share features].

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