A Hollywood Party For Dogs is Coming to Cardiff

The Red Carpet is Being Rolled Out For Dogs of all Shapes and Sizes to Coincide with the Hollywood Award Season.

We’re bringing a red carpet, star studded themed Birthday Party to Mocka Lounge, Mill Lane, Cardiff. Sunday 10th February, 1pm. The event coincides with one of Hollywood’s big events, the Grammys and celebrates one year of Dog Furiendly.

It will be the first dog friendly event held at Cardiff’s Trendy Mocka Lounge.

A ticket to the event costs £18 and includes a cocktail on arrival, pawsecco for the dogs, canapés, entry to the quiz, a snap from the puparazzi Tom Harper Photography and a mini dog show.

Prizes are up for grabs throughout the night & include Duke & Molly Bandanas and Pawty Pooch Valentine and Birthday Cards.

Founder of Dog Furiendly, Adele Pember, said: “The Hollywood award season may be upon us, but the ones who really deserve an award this year is our furry pals.”

“We’re celebrating one year of Dog Furiendly, and what a year it’s been. We launched in Cardiff and the community is growing from strength to strength.”

Dog Furiendly Brand ambassador and organiser of the event, Jamie Hobbs, said “I’m thrilled to be hosting the first dog friendly event held at Cardiff’s renowned Mocka Lounge. Our community is growing tremendously and we love to see more venues getting on board.”

“This is probably the most glamorous event we’ve organised so far & I cannot wait to see all those gorgeous dogs dressed up for the occasion.”

Tickets are available online: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hollywoof-birthday-party-dog-furiendly-tickets-54933968980

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